upgrading vb6 to vb.net

Hmm, the last blog had me going to take an MS exam…Yes, I did pass with flying colors the 70-315 exam.  Was disappointed that the VB6 exam was long gone so I then started to work on the MCSD, but the security issues that one must come to terms with is just too much to concentrate on the exact material.  However, studying the material for the mcsd does make a person go "’hmmmm’ that is interesting…."  😉
I prefer to leave the security issues to those who work on the security issues every day.  Me, I want to design products from hardware up to the software interaction.  For security issues, I consult with a colleague of mine, Mike McDeed who runs server systems for several clients in the Sarasota area.
That does not have much to do with the upgrade from vb6 to vb.net, but, I like to sum some things up before proceding.
The auto-upgrade in the 2005 development environment … falls short.  It does not convert the vb6 modules that I have written over the years.  But, you can give it a try go to the following web site:
The upgrade seems to be based on the ‘simply’ code interface and not where VB6 is really hand-coded.  I have an MCI player that we developed.  I thought a simple small program, should convert well.  Naa.  The conversion process died in the middle and never looked back.  Placing the VB6 side by side with the Studio 2005 and hand writing was faster than the conversion process.  Hmmmm…..
On the bright side, I am quite happy and excited with the changes made to the Studio 2005 SQL interface.  With the tree structure view I was able to clear up a very complex t-SQL procedure very quickly.  Those inner/outer joins can get ya sometimes. (ha!)
With the standard .exe created by the VB6 environment I don’t know how fast, unless it is an ASP application I will be running towards the VB .NET world.  Deployment is still an issue for me as well as the clr interface.  Some embedded design systems do not have the drive space for the whole environment. As such, the vb6 .exe stand-alone app works nicely.
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