Client Server project

I just received another exciting project!  This is from a client in china looking to control devices from a remote site.  The windows o/s will be unknown, as such, I will design in VB6 not in VB.NET.  I don’t want to be concerened with the amount of files that must be loaded to a PC in order to get the project to run.
After about 3 weeks of design time, the Client/Server interface is coming to a completion.  In this case, the client will application will run .mpg, .avi images and is adjustable to fit the location of the LED sign, tv, LCD media, or whatever media device has a pc control board connected to the video in.  The fun part in this project was tying into the ACCESS database for maintaining submitted scheduled jobs (typically, I have used the Microsoft SQL interface only).  For this case, I used VB6 Enterprise built in Data DEConnection..the import of Stored Procedures from the Access Interface is not very well done, as the Parameters do not show up properly in the calling VB code.  I found it much easier to create all stored procedures in the the VB6 data environment in order to setup the Paremeters that need to be passed to the Stored Procedures.
There are many applicable uses for this type of design, from monitoring traffic flow, to interfacing to any embedded device placed at remote locations for data exchange/monitor.
I am creating the same project in VB.NET.  The features available in VB.NET are indeed quite impressive.  It makes certain design creations second nature.  I could do the design in C#.NET, but I need to include the VB.NET modules to utilize the ‘ME’ feature.
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